02 Desember 2010

It Is Nice to See Younger People


How have you all been?

In the past months, I have been sharing my knowledge in english in one of english course institution. I do it twice a week in the evening. And you know what? I have found out lately that even though I only got home 30 minutes after my noon job as a clerk, I can see myself having the better spirit than working as a clerk in the morning. I can see myself as a passionate person.

Sometimes, I wonder why it can happen to me. A few minutes ago, somethings slipped through my mind.

I believe that being with younger people can give us benefit such as, we can sense their youth, their naivety, their passion to know as much as possible, their inobliging in barriers ahead, their smiles for praises and one more thing, their exhaustion of advices.

I have to admit that by giving advices, I got reminded by myself, " Have I did as I adviced?". It reminds me to be consistent as what I told them. It reminds me to be a better person that the ones in my advices. I reminds me that somewhere in my heart, I need them.

We may not be a perfect person which is invulnerable to mistake, but we can be a perfect person whose mistakes develop him/her.

Then, which one are we?

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