24 Juli 2010

Pengalaman Seru Mondar Mandir di kantor


dear readers, how are you?

We're having some rainy days lately. N I'm typing it under this chill weather, waiting it to stop so I can get swimming...huhuhuhuhu...

Well, yesterday, I had quite a confusing day. There were not so many customers, but we were not in full squad. I felt chaotic. I had no idea that I will have such kind of day. I moved to one place and another in haste. I had too many things in my hand while handling customers' requests or complain. I wasn't focus and calm. I always feel uneasy looking at the customers' eye wandering their impatient look. N yes, I made too many mistakes just by being too hasty and infocus.

And in the end of the day, I made a deep mistake. When a mystery shopper got me, questioning details about sms banking that I haven't really understand about, I gambled on the answers and I lost. They got me. I felt guilty afterward and mumbling about it throughout my explaination to this mystery shopper...very lucky me!! This was added by forgetting my promise to close an account of a soldier who was very dissapointed for waiting too long for it. I felt another guilt....

Lucky me, I can take that as an experience that told me how it felt like to have such situation..Now, I want to make myself clear that I need to be able to focus and calm so I can pick my plan carefully. I also need to rise up the challenge of my surroundings.

I have learnt from yesterday...

What about you?