20 Mei 2010

It is easier to be a FOLLOWER than one be FOLLOWED

Dear readers, it has been a while since my last post..

I missed a lot of things. I was lost in myself. Let me whine a little bit, will you?

In the last few days, I was intrigued by the feeling of unable to look at the eyes of some successful persons. There were some kind of force that make me feel they have that inner power to be a successful person. If i may say their names, like Surya Paloh, and Elang (young entrepreneur, winner of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur). To be honest, i was jealous n i hate to look them in the eyes. But, it was my self-ego afterall.

They have put effort, drive that i haven't done up until now. They did what i did not. They bear what I can't.

Now, in the last few days, I have realised a few thing. I found it easier to be a follower than one be followed. I found it easier to be in our own circle that excluded us from what we fear of. Fear of what we may face. Fear of what we may fail in the future. Fear of loses.

We may need to put more drive in ourselves. Sometimes, we may feel tired of doing the unworthy activities or effort easier than those we may feel worthy. Again, emotions play their role more than we may need to achieve in this life. We need emotion to drive us forward, but we may not need it in facing fears.

Are we driven enough to be a great, successful person?