07 Juni 2011

"Tired of getting someone new, or I only want you!"

Dear readers, recently I have met several people who has trouble in love. Usually, Indonesian women in their mid to late 20s are subject to the matter of "When are you going to get married?" stuff. There are those who has happily married, there are those solemnly concealing their spouse-to-be, and of course there are those who encounter challenges in their way to marriage.

There are one thing that tickles me everytime I hear this phrase " I just don't want to look for another spouse-to-be" for these reasons: " because it takes time to start over" or " because I'm too old for that" or " because I don't feel like I'm into it anymore". And most of them are said by women. I wonder, why I haven't heard from my fellow male friends...

If we take a different point of view, why don't these women uttered " I just want you to be my spouse,no one else"? It comes from the same source, but it may imply a different thing. Saying "I don't want to look for another because I don't want to start over" can imply that she doesn't have any other option of male which she dreams of. It implies that she's desperate and chooses the male available to marry with rather than finding the one she loves and loves her. That is what I regret because there is a chance that she will regret the choice she made. And as I know, women want to have marriage once in their life. Their first and their last marriage.

So, instead of saying negative sentence as such, wouldn't it better to say that " I want to spend my life with him/her, no one else". Are we brave enough to say that sincerely in front of our spouse(or spouse-to-be)?
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04 Juni 2011

When what info you want is not what they give you, in the office

We know that in large company and organization, we work with an enormous number of people as its employee. We can find good things and less good things in it,as usual. Today, I just found something that is quite funny and rhetoric in daily life in an office.

Yesterday, our division--got an email,which is forwarded from head office. In this email, we were asked to get some data about several companies in our city that can be targeted for our business. The data requested are address,account number(indicating that they are our customers or not), and acquisition progress.They do that to be able to map the targeted customers throughout the nation.

Usually large companies/organization, almost every employee is provided by on-line internal database that can be used to obtain customer's certain data. In this case, I assume they can do the same thing as I can-- obtaining customer's data from the database. Now,considering that that request can be done by people from head office as well as we can, why don't they take the data available from the database?

So, my supervisor lightly recommend me to give the data available from our customer database. I guess that our teammates should have specify more clearly about the data they request us to search. If they want an update of the data,(which is not available in our customer database) then say so. Given enough time, we will do our best to deliver the request, as great teamwork is necessary.

Has it ever happen in your life?