07 Maret 2011

If life is a journey,then career is just a small part of it

Some poeple says that life is a journey,some says that journey is their life. Whichever we are, I agree that we can feel life by having a journey. By having a journey, we can see the world ( at least some part of it), we can see how large our world is, we can see how beauty it is, we can see people, meet people, get to know people, and making friends. We can feel life by knowing that we are not alone in this wide and spacious world.

Through journey as well, we can also see how bad some environment can be, we can see how poor sanitation in can be, how poor our society can develop to, we can see how lucky our life can be compared to those who is suffering. We can feel sorrow, we can feel grief, we can feel dissatisfaction, and we can feel empathy and sympathy. We can feel life by knowing that we still have heart.

Through journey,we can taste different tastes of meal, we can smell different scents of flowers and wind,we can dive different water or lake, we can see the tears of a child wanting her mom to be close to him while the mother is occupied by her effort to get income to feed that child. We can go everywhere we want, or even to places we are told to go to, or even places we haven't kniwn before. And what makes a journey brings life is when we got home, we can smile a lot wider, welcomed by the hands of our smiling family, sit down and have some tea while sharing the stories we have from our journey. We feel life more into ourselves..

During my career in one of national bank of Indonesia, I have been travelling to almost every branches in the Area of Balikpapan. Although acting as a temporary assignment clerk, I can see more part of the world, at least a very small part of it. I can see a lot people, I can learn to get along faster than I used to, and I can view bigger portrait of people. Some friends feel pity for me, some feel that I'm pathetic to do such task, but I have to say that some part of me enjoying it. But for sure, I want to aim bigger than what I do right now, because though I am enjoying it, I don't want to stay just like this. Now, through my journey, I can see that I need to learn to be patient. That is for sure.

What about you?