22 Juli 2011

Ways To Conquer People Around You

A few days ago, I was interested to a book entitled "19 Minutes To Conquer People Around You". I thought that I can get some tips in influencing people around me. From a slight view of the book itself I can conclude one thing :

BEFORE CONQUERING OTHER PEOPLE, We Need To Conquer Ourselves First.

It all seem so simple. Yes, because it is that simple. A General of an army won't win if he can't win his army's heart and commitment. A Manager can't achieve the target given if his/her teammates are supporting him.

So, we shall be more discipline to conquer ourselves, before eventually winning the life.....
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21 Juli 2011

Sincerity Can Be Found Anywhere

A few hours ago, I just had my hair cut at a mini barbershop. I don't go there too often, only once every one and a half month. Up until now, I don't know their names (there are two barbers, a father and his son), they don't know mine either. Everytime we go there, the always welcome us with the same smile they used to show. But today, I didn't see the similar smile from the 60s-year-old one. Of course, we reacted by asking him, "Are you okay? You don't seem well". And, yes, the answer was that he had a surgery a few days ago. It was hernia, I guess. So, the old man started telling his story.

The story was about how grateful he is to be able to do the surgery, though at first he felt reluctant because he has no enough money and so did his son. Eventually, they could make the surgery happen. Speaking with the low volume of voice, he admitted that he hasn't fully recovered or even at his normal state of health post the surgery. Accompanied by the sound of traditional javanese folk song from the radio, he kept making hair cuts while telling about how grateful he was and we should have.

Since I'm a type of good listener and less-than-good chatter, I chose to hear him speaking and make a few short comments to ensure him that I'm listening. Everytime I make a haircut there, the old man will surely tell that we are grateful for life, whoever we are, in a low tone as if he is not telling us what to do. In very javanese style of wisdom sharing, he provided ideas of simple happy life,sometimes advises for younger generation and teenagers.

What made me amazed that, although he was not in his best state of health, he still provided the best service. Not only making a haircut for me, but he also noticed that my hair is damaged, so he used a special scissor to cut those damaged hair. He also clean the hair on several places to make me look better.And other services but giving simple massage(a simple massage is a massage around shoulders,neck,and head. The barber usually do that after a haircut is done. It needs quite some power to do so) since he might not strong enough yet to do massage. For those extra service which is unintendedly given, I tried to give the unintended extra fee for the barber. For the normal rate of ten thousand rupiahs, I gave him twenty. And the second thing amazed me was that the face of the old man showing a very gratefu,happyl expression. I mean, man, it might be not that much, but still he gave such expression that gave me the delightful feeling to do so in the future. I was very glad to get there.

And, I was the last customer there. It was almost 9 o'clock pm. They didn't usually open in night so that they can rest a bit. Yes, I believe it was a luck, and that small luck bring me to happiness.

Yes, I like their sincerity in providing barber haircut service. In my office, where service matters, we often found out being dissapointed by our mate, and we sometimes dissapoint our mate as well. The haircut event reminds me that sincerity can be found anywhere, and it affects other people.

So where ever you are, you can always find sincerity. If we can't see any, we can always create it.

Can you?
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17 Juli 2011

Sincerity Can Be Found Anywhere

A few hours ago, I just had my hair cut at a mini barbershop. I don't go there too often, only once every one and a half month. Up until now, I don't know their names (there are two barbers, a father and his son), they don't know mine either.
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16 Juli 2011

Zhou Li, the excellence of foreign study

Dear readers,

Last night, when i watch NHK World, I was amazed by the story of Zhou Li a Chinese student of one of university of technology in Japan. he studied there since 2008, arriving from China in 2006. He got a scholarship to study there. He is studying in Robotic division(pardon me if I'm wrong--I was unable to find his data in Google's first page). In the story, he was building a tiny robot that can fly like a dragonfly.

In that story, it was told that the fellow students in robotic division acknowledge his hard work, because he has to overcome the language barrier, and usually, students there only add what is lacking in their previous students' work. So, instead of adding up or perfecting what was left by the former students, Li started his own work from his idea. So why does he have to build a tiny robot that flies like a dragonfly? He said, "So that we can use this robot to fly over terrains or wrecks of a building that cannot be reached by human or even places that are harmful to human. Whether it is to see the surrounding area or even to look over victims that can't be seen from far". Wow, I didn't think that simple idea need a very big hardwork and patience. First, he needs to go to Japan to study there, then overcoming language barrier, work hard to get scholarship, doing weekly review to his professors about his work, and of course, being far from home.

And why did he choose Japan? He just simply saying that he was inspired by Astro Boy and Digimon. What I can take from this simple statement is that, he only need simple reason to achieve what he does right now. Sometimes big dreams come from small admiration of one thing.

He even lives in a small rented apartment, doing his laundry by stepping on them instead of putting into washing machine, do shopping in closing hours for 30%discount, put groceries in mini refrigerator, and cook on his own for dinner. He does it all day. Very simple life he has. Even his father still write him letters instead of texting or sending emails as young people nowadays.

So far from I can see that he only need simple life, simple reason but big idea and big patience and boldness to be a brilliant person whom people acknowledge.

Do we have big ideas?