07 Desember 2007

not a good start for a breakfast!

it was a bad way to start my breakfast when I overheard an Indonesian woman talking to a native man.

I dont know where and how they started such conversation and I cant even think that that couple can end up in a mere by-the-road poor place for breakfast(just to make it clear--warung soto kaki lima pinggir jalan!) for their breakfast.

i started overhearing them when i decided to sat in front of them and listening how bad the women's english and how rough their conversation got through with the women's lack of english.

It was a moment when I amazed by how they communicate to each other, at almost the same time they were talking about "some moslems are bullshit". I, not only tickled, but also get annoyed with such statement..especially since it came from the women(GoD! I wish I could Slap Her!). and foolishly, I continued my meal as if there were nothing or I am too fool to understand them.

the main thing that I got from their conversation is the f**kin female wanted to show that even moslems do bad things, like doing hypnotize trick("that's what I translated from "gendam", some sort of trick of robbery that hypmotize the victim so that the victim can do whatever the robber wants,such as giving their money or jewelries under the victim's unconsiousness"). She was emphasizing that they started the gendam thing with the formal and friendly meeting of moslem's : the SALAM. "Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh"

in the mind of eka : "Hey, you cant judge them by such sample! it doesnt have to be a moslem to greet like that and then do the robbery...it will make the native fear that every time he's greeted by the SALAM, the will think that he's going to be robbed by gendam."...

I got tempered because I was too coward to talk to them, and there is no chance that i'll get the same opportunity...GOD, forgive me...