25 September 2010

The short Story of Seeking Daylight's End

This book tells a story of a young and daring eagle Talan, making a journey that any other eagle would think more than twice to do it; "Seeking the place where the sun ceases".

Talan and his eagle clan lived in a mountain range. They had been living there for years in content. They had regular meetings where the elders give stories of wisdom. Then, there was one respected elder who hadn't told stories for long step up and tell them that intrigued Talan to know what there are beyond the mountain range. After confirming Talan of his intention, Cael gave Talan a simple guidance : "Listen the wisdom whispered by the wind".

Then Talan was off to his new journey. Talan experienced a lot of things;face-to-face to a kind human, getting through snow blizzard, and being cheated by two crows. The last thing Talan can be amazed about was that Talan found another eagle clan; and they mentioned Cael. Talan surprised by the fact that Cael did the same journey as he just had, very long time ago. Talan decided to lead the rest of the clan to his clan, intending to meet them with Cael.

From this journey, Talan benefited from the invaluable experiences. Talan, from a young and daring eagle, became a brave and wise eagle. He was finally able to hear wisdoms from the wind, something other eagle would never able to do. Talan had become a mature eagle.

What I benefit myself from this book is that it encourage us to do something we hadn't dare enough to do, to do something we haven't got enough courage while in the other hand we wanted to do those things very bad. The "wisdom whispered by the wind", for me, is one way to show that if we are patient enough, GOD will whisper us the hints in miraculous ways. The same thing happens to ourselves, when we are confused and have no where to go and suddenly, our heart whisper us the unexpected ideas or thought. Haven't you got those experience? This book also encourage me to go out of myself and do some effort in order to become "a better me".

I waonder if this book sometimes are not available in book stores. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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