11 Maret 2009

New type of interview

I just looked up a newspaper,KOMPAS n it enlisted lots of vacancies in KARIR section..

There was one thing that tickled me..

It was titled..."Walking Interview"....

It's interview while you walk with the interviewer..


Actually, such things happened quite alot.

And i directly give the solution, it should've been "Walk in Interview". You come, submit the CV and directly be interviewed for the job..

Any other mistakes that any body finds and dont know the right answer? Let me know in ebonz_krenzy@yahoo.com. ANyone can participate.

It's not a matter who make mistakes but the willingness to develop through it..

1 komentar:

  1. Well, in my humble opinion Indonesian people, just like me, are often made mistakes by mispelling the word. It is also hard for me to write in English, because the Indonesia Literature also give me a big impact in my writing. It is difficult to balance both English and Bahasa Indonesia.