10 November 2007

English Debating Contest

english debating contest?
mmm...in what manner should I review..

This morning, I managed to watch one session in GDC hel by ppkb due-like UGM. in order to accomodate my curiosity in debating contests in varsity level.

I was thrilled, trembled. for i am not someone new in this part, seeing and watching such thing makes me happy. Seeing both team build cases, attack opponent's irrelevant cases, while at the same time make friends with either side, even with the adjudicators.

It was the motion "This House believes that KKN doesn't give any contribution" that was debated. in my opinion, both team build weak cases...even the affirmative team give the idea about wasting money, time and unwillingness that burdens the participants of KKN, while in the Opposite team came up with a case that KKN is really contributing either to the students who join it or the society...in was bad to know that the Opposite team loses this debate, because they can build better cases even though lack of elaboration but failed to show that the affirmative's cases.

what i should remember was:
1. as the first speaker, we must(remember it's a MUST!!) that  we build a strong case! define well(not too narrow but not too wide), give clear parameters. and elaborate our cases efficiently. good case and good elaboration will help our mate easier to elaborate and tackle the opponent's argument. our speech is the base for our mate
2. as the 2nd speaker, we must(again..)hold our team's cases well, tackle some main idea of opponent's cases. and elaborate another idea from our cases. the main job as the 2nd speaker is to strengthen the case and defend the attacked case. and bring in the solution( if there's any that's necessary)
3. as the 3rd speaker, it is not necessary to bring in another idea. is is the job the tackle the idea of the opponent's side. but dont tackle each statement and facts. it'll waste our time.
4. as the reply sepeaker, it is necessary to conclude the debate with what ur strong cases are, what are the weaknesses of the opponent time. 
and persuade the adjudicator why our team should win this debate.

thank you....

I just wish that one of Gadjah Mada Univ's EDC can see this post.

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