01 Januari 2012

And I Thought I Was Neglected

This afternoon, I was in quite a stressful situation. I was asked to make(have it printed,actually) a giant cheque for Monday morning ceremony. The request was made on Saturday. So, as our company used to, we contact our printing vendor to have it printed. After a day waiting the decision whether my vendor can do it for me or not, I found myself frustrated because of the tight time available before Monday morning @7am. Then I decided to print it on my own, with less quality.
I decided to print it in A3 size(approx. 40cmx30cm). I rushed myself to two main destinations,Hypermart and Gramedia Bookstore to check out two main items I needed: A3-sized paper and a few styrofoams. I found it even more frustrating on the streets because it is densely filled with vehicles, parking lots are occupied, foolish people taking inconsiderate parking spaces, foolish people not knowing whether they were currently taking the entrance way or the exit way, people blocking my way because they took their time while in the same time, I didn't have much time to spare. I checked out Hypermart n came to the idea of buying one pack of 500 A3-sized paper. Then I thought that I only need a few papers and the cashier line was full of people queueing. Sigh, I chose to gamble my decision to Gramedia. I checked out Gramedia, -darn- the 500 A3-sized paper pack was out. Now, I tried myself to see at least I can get the styrofoam that I can't get at HyperMart. I roamed myself to find -VoiLa!- a couple of styrofoam in 40cm x 60cm size. Now, I don't know whether it fits in my A3 paper. So, I decided to asked for its exact size to its store clerk. Unable to ask to store clerk for stationery, I asked another clerk nearby.

This is the point when I thought I was neglected. The clerk were merely showing me an A3-sized drawing book for kids and went to her station, withouting telling me what the exact size of A3 is. Darn! That is when I see that the papers in the drawing book can be torn off neatly. Aha! I found it! I don't need a 500-pack because I needed only a few. So I take the styrofoams and the drawing book. Back at the office, I quickly printed the giant cheque on the A3-sized paper torn off from the drawing book.

Just then, I thought the clerk neglected my request. But, because of her, I found the solution. We may not know how our solution pop-up around us. Just like what I had.

And I thought I was neglected.........
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