18 September 2009

A physical impact for stress.....pregnancy??

Ada cerita menggelikan namun, akan terasa lebih menggelikan jika ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris..


A physical impact for stress.....pregnancy??

It was when I took a english profieciency test, I found one of the question in the reading section to be tickled me. I smile meaningfully reading it..

The question was based on a passage about stress and how to manage it. In the passage, there was a sentence explaining about some physical impact we may suffer if we are stress. The impacts stated were heart attacks, ulcers, and...(what was it??)..cancer..perhaps. he3..

Then, we jumped into the question based on the passage. The question was:
The following is the physical impact of stress, but...
a. ulcers.
b. cancers.
c. heart attacks
d. pregnancy.

Of course, we can easily know that the answer is d.

But, what made me smiling? It was because I imagined if there were someone who answered anything but b. It means that he/she agreed that pregnancy is the physical impact of stress...WOW!

I imagined wildly as my mind went elsewhere thinking about it. I came into a conclusion, That some women can get pregnant if her husband is stressed. Why? because some men would go to his wife to get calm, both mentally and physically. By doing so, sooner or later, his wife would then get pregnant. hohoho..That example may justify my conclusion right?

this may be insane for some. Dont find it offensive, though. So, dont read it over to know what happened, because it will bore you down.
I just want to show that what an imagination can do from a single idea into multiple ideas. Connecting a cause to another cause, drawing conclusion either from truth of weird ides. So, never supress your imagination! Since it can, at least, make you smile and laugh at yourself. (It implies, you wont get stressed, therefore, you wont get pregnant!Ha3x)


2 komentar:

  1. I think your wild thought is preety much the same with mine, or the one who made that question was obviously thinking the same level of joke or even more caused by the "d" option.

  2. Do you actually have the similar wild thought?

    I just hope that no one answers 'd'..