03 Januari 2009

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here is a comment for
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Have u seen a programme "Vue du ciel"?

In one occasion, they told us the story about the scarcity of water especially in the middle east as it lies a lot of desserts. But, it is amazing to found out that there were ruins found in one of their desserts. It is said that it is the ruins of a city. A merchant city(city of trading) to be exact. And due to its scarcity for water, they made a policy to use it wisely together, free of charge. Imagine, suppose you have to share your water for other people to take a bath, feed their sheeps, and for wudhu in such places. It is very contrast to Jordan.

In jordan, people have to buy and queue for water. Especially in summer, as the temperature may reach 40 deg Celcius. To overcome such scarcity, the government tried to get water from one of the the river's branch of Jordan river. It implies in the decreasing water level of The Dead SEa..

It is also given that we only use at about 3% of earth's water. Then , Where is the other 97%? such percentage is summarized by the the reserved water into iceberg, oceans, and cave water..

In france, It means "SCenery from the sky(above)"

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