19 Februari 2008

Dont be Late , but be organized

It was tough, though. I was speeding so that i can take at about ten kms in just 15 minutes. And later I found out that it was all for nothing.

This afternoon, I watched the serial "Kui Tan" with my girlfriend. We watched the whole 9 eps in the first season. It was a bit crazy. I knew that I have a class at 7pm so that I told her that we should finish at 5. But I didnt tell her that I would have the first exam. We finished watching at 6 and I drove her home at 6.40. Felt in rush, I immediately rushed back to my class, eventhough she wanted me to stay for awhile but I rejected it. she seemed a bit sad. And as I said , I was speeding to my English Class. But I found noone of my class. Then when I checked my message, I found one that told me that today's class was canceled. Shit.

Next, Be organized!

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