04 Januari 2008

The Naive Tourist!

It was today when I was in a Ambarrukmo Plaza, especially when I was in front of an ATM, There were a group of tourists. they were visiting jogja and by any chance, probably wanted to see the Plaza.

they were gathering nearby the ATM section, because, they were alternatingly drew money from the ATM. and I Was Shocked!

why did I have to be shocked just by a bunch of tourist?

well, to tell you the truth and i am not joking at the time, there was a young man who kept his cards--probably with his money--in his UNDERWEAR. let me make it clear...In His U-N-D-E-R-W-E-A-R...see??

luckily, it was only a glance that I got such a *** view. He was in T-shirt and a short. And I have no idea why he did it like that...

Or, they have a new technology? Maybe a POCKeT in The UnderWear? ha3x....

why naive?
Because, I have been told almost the same thing by my had-deceased grandfather. He told me to use short before a long pant, so that I can put my money in the pocket of my short. that is one way to prevent me from being pickpocketed...

but who will pickpocket a tourist in a plaza? That's ridiculous!
Hadn't they been in such places before? just like in Auckland, maybe...

why auckland? Because, I watched a program that describe the travel to Auckland. Where , in such city, You'll never find any nightlife..any nightlife activity in there, just a 24-hour supermarket...whooooo...

2 komentar:

  1. I think that tourist seems worried about his/her safety when visiting Jogja. There is no chance that he/she will not be pickpocketted inside Ambarukmo Plaza. Still, hiding money inside the underpant seems to be a more convinience way to protect it.

    But why you spared some time just to peep that situation?

  2. I think we are crazy.
    I should studying now, but I still have to write this comment.