15 Januari 2008

I'm Happy Today...

I'm so happy today.
Because it's a happy day..he3x. Well, this is the last day i had the final test for this semester. And I feel that these test were better than the last semester. And I watched 2 good movies.

the first is Mr woodcock. It's genred as comedy, but to me, most of the scene are of dramas. It tells about an adult(John Farley) whose kid time was full with hatred to his Phys. ed. teacher(mr Woodcock) that taught him like a soldier(some of those is his sarcasticness). And when he decided to go home following his success as a bestseller-book-writer( which is titled as "Letting go, how To Get Past Your Past"), He found out that Mr woodcock is dating this farley's Mom! then he tries to get some revenge, but He later found out that Mr woodcock is not as bad as he always think..

The second is "Freedom Writers".
It tells a story about a new teacher that dwells in the world of Rascism and gangs in Long beach, LA. It is told that such condition is due to the conflict between three races:The Latinos, The ASian, and The Black. It WAs war that's been living in by these boys of Wilson School. The hard world in the street, interascial war, abusement, murder in their teenage is hard. even for them. she tried so hard, trying To teach them in English major, from the freshmen year. Trying to get their trust, unite them, and showing them that dying of war will do nothing but sorrow. she tried so hard that she has to lose her husband. finally, They, together change the community sorround them into a better place to live in, one of them by making the students as writers, each tell their own story-in freedom.
It's a semi documentary film, I guess. Well produced movie based on true story. I suggest that You ought to prepare some tissue, because this movie is going to force us shed some tears...

I'm Happy.

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